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Our Guiding Principles

We take great pride in operating under the SOBACCUL brand. We recognize that we must provide great member service and must employ, train, empower and retain a great staff to do so. We understand that we must always communicate and work together as a team on behalf of the member. We believe that communication of both internal and external service standards with our staff and members is an important part of our service delivery. We ultimately evaluate success by doing what’s right for each and every member. We embrace that we are a not one hundred percent profit minded, member-owned cooperative and that we are not a bank. We focus on doing what is in the best interest of the member, consistent with what is in the best interest of the overall cooperative. We understand the need for honesty, privacy, and respect in all dealings with our members and that we must keep a long-term perspective on our cooperative health.

We believe strong collaborative organizations have solid earnings, strong capital, and controlled asset growth. We believe that membership in our cooperative comes with a sense of responsibility to the collaborative as well. We pursue a “best practices” and “resource base views” philosophy and apply a factual and innovative approach to our decision making. We are guided by the philosophy of doing right by the collective membership in all of our business and investment decisions. This is a key marketplace differentiation for SOBACCUL. We embrace a culture that focuses on creating efficiencies and effectiveness in order to better serve the membership. We understand that human, financial, and capital resources are always limited and we must make wise choices and be wise stewards of member resources. We understand that only when we focus on earning the trust and business of all of our members can we reach the full economic potential of our credit union.

We welcome new members and appreciatively thank existing members for their business. Every member and every community we serve is important to our success. On behalf of the membership, we recognize and understand the importance of equitable pricing, products, and underwriting within the membership, all while understanding the need to tailor to the individual uniqueness of our members and the communities we serve. We embrace the philosophy of democratic control and member rewards based upon overall contribution to the collaborative.

Our Members

SOBACCUL’s market is primarily targeted to the Cameroonian public with the strategic intent to control COBAC corridor. SOBACCUL’s regional financial services orientation is also intended to provide geographic diversification. SOBACCUL will focus its primary efforts and resources on those members who are actively engaged in the cooperative, with “actively engaged” being defined as members who have three to four or more product and service relationships with the credit union. SOBACCUL will target its services towards members who value and understand cooperative principles, whether that be consumers or businesses, within the markets that SOBACCUL serves.



Changing lives and the Community; One member at a time.

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