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Our Strengths

SOBACCUL Mission Statement

Making a difference in the lives of our members!

SOBACCUL Vision Statement

Within Cameroon, SOBA Coop Credit Union will assist member-owners in gaining personal financial success by providing and promoting the use of financial services which feature benefits and advantages over those available from other competitive sources.


SOBACCUL strategic planning efforts over the next three years including Board, Management and Employees reveal that SOBACCUL possesses at least seven unique and intangible strengths related to the reputation of SOBA.

  1. Community Roots. SOBACCUL was founded to support the hard working men and women of SOBANS, with an enormous number of ex-students who constitute potential membership then to the broader literacy rate of ex-students in higher positions over the world and subsequently to all of Cameroonians. For the short time in existence SOBACCUL has provided financial services during moments of both crisis and prosperity, creating a strong connection with its members. The credit union’s commitment to “making a difference in the lives of members” is rooted in this history.
  2. Commitment to People and Community. SOBACCUL has worked hard to build up the societies in which it exists. Known as a good neighbor, SOBACCUL participates in a variety of projects that create meaningful impact supporting local schools such as Sasse College, small business, and community activities.
  3. Outstanding Character. SOBACCUL is known for its people of outstanding character. SOBACCUL employees are passionate about their work. They are dependable and trustworthy. For these reasons, SOBACCUL will be known as one of the best places to do business in the communities it serves.
  4. Loyal Members and Engaged Employees. SOBACCUL enjoys the benefit of members who stick with the organization and believe in its mission. Employees are highly engaged as they strive to carry out the SOBACCUL mission.
  5. Extraordinary, Caring, & Compassionate Service. SOBACCUL provides exceptional service in our interactions with members. Members know us as caring and compassionate people who will always strive to do what is in their best interest.
  6. Best-in-class products. Our portfolio of offerings and services provide our members with quality products and high quality service. The credit union strives to manage our members’ resources with their best interests in mind.
  7. Strong Capital Position. SOBACCUL maintains its assets and balance sheet very effectively. This strong capital position will make SOBACCUL one of the top performers within the credit union movement. This position will provide us with flexibility for making future strategic choices.



    Changing lives and the Community; One member at a time.

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