Products and Services

Western Union Money Transfer

You can send and receive money worldwide in any of our branch offices.

ATM Services

SOBACCUL has an automated teller machine (ATM), which will allows customers to complete basic transactions without the aid...

Agricultural Loans

SOBACCUL offers farms loan for primary agriculture producers; commercial loans for agriculture, agribusiness, and small business enterprises.

Overdraft Service for Customs

We can offer credit and assistance for quick clearance of goods at the ports. Grab the opportunities that knock on your door ....

Savings account for minor

Children or savings account for minor is an account takes care for fund needs in Education, Healthcare etc, for children less than 18 years old

Group Account

Group Account is reserves for legalized groups like meetings, associations, NGOs, Churches, etc. It allows for safekeeping.....

Deposit account

Deposit account is the current account in SOBACCUL. Money paid into this account is for safekeeping. The account holder has the....

Savings account

This is an interest-bearing deposit account that provides a modest interest rate yearly. This savings in this account and the frequency with which...


This is what qualifies one as a shareholder of SOBACCUL. The share gives the right of participation in decision making as well as access ....



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